Fee schedule for appointments & procedures with Dr Holly Inglis

(as of March 2019, please note fees are subject to change)

  • Consultation fees
  • Script & referral (without consultation fees)
  • Contraceptive device fees
  • Skin check & procedure fees
Normal consultation fees apply for skin checks.
Bulk-billing is available for regular patients of the clinic.
Patients attending the practice for skin checks & skin procedures only will be asked to pay private fees.
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Dr Holly prefers to see you in person for scripts and referrals. If you are unable to see Dr Holly in time, exceptions MAY be made, for a private fee starting at $30. These fees do not attract a Medicare rebate & must be paid before any scripts or referrals are provided. Dr Holly will only do these for patients she has seen in the last 6 months. Referrals must be to doctors who you have seen before and scripts will only be supplied for 3 months or less. Dr Inglis will not provide additional phone scripts or referrals until you have had an appointment. Please note it is illegal to back date ANY referrals and will only be dated for the day of provision.Dr Holly reserves the right to refuse any referral and script without appointment.

Consultation fees.png
  • Patients with a valid health care card, pension Card & those under > 16 will be bulk billed for Medicare eligible services. 

  • Patients aged 16-18, who are still at school will be charged a $10 out-of-pocket fee.
  • Please note, the consultation fee must be paid in full on the day & the Medicare rebate will be subsequently provided.  

Implanon fees.png
Contraceptive Implants

  • All contraceptive implant procedures require an initial planning consultation (normal consultation fees apply).

  • No insertion or removal will be performed during the first consultation.

  • Please note insertion and removal fees only apply to the procedure itself; a separate consultation fee will apply if unrelated issues need to be addressed.

Hormonal Intrauterine Device
  • Good new! Hormonal intrauterine device (Mirena) insertions are up & running at Kirrawee Family Medical Practice with Dr Holly. If you are interested please contact the reception (9521 6261) & ask to book for a Mirena planning consultation. Please do not book online as you will not be allocated sufficient time for assessment.

  • Currently, only women who have had vaginal deliveries will be eligible for insertion with Dr Holly. Other women are welcome to see Dr Holly for initial assessment and referral for insertion can be arranged  

  • Fees apply for the planning, insertion and follow-up appointments

  • A separate fee will be payable to the pharmacy for the actual device

  • There is a $100 fee payable on booking of the insertion appointment (refunded if cancelled more than 24 hrs prior)

  • There are no reduced insertion fees for health care card holders but alternative arrangements can be discussed at the planning consultation

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