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Hepatitis C Resources

"Hepatitis C is a virus that affects the liver. It is transmitted through blood to blood contact. New treatments are now available  so most people with hepatitis C can be cured. Without treatment, people with hepatitis C can develop serious liver disease." (NSW Health Hepatitis C Fact Sheet)

Treatment can now be prescribed by GPs, although not all GPs are happy to prescribe, so check with your GP first. Dr Holly is happy to prescribe Hepatitis C treatment where appropriate and does this in consultation with specialists at the St George Hospital Liver Clinic. Most cases of Hepatitis C are uncomplicated and can be treated by Dr Holly without needing to see a specialist. Certain complicated cases may need to go to St George Hospital for specialist care. 

The federal government is now covering the vast bulk of treatment costs via the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme so the out of pocket cost for patients is about $40 per month (or $7 per month for health care card holders) for 3 months (in most cases). Blood tests are required before, during and after treatment to ensure treatment success. There is a 95% cure rate for with the new Hepatitis C treatments (Latest Hep C Treatments Info Sheet - Hepatitis NSW)

If you are interested in seeking testing and/ or for Hepatitis C, please make an appointment to see Dr Holly (or your GP) to discuss. 


Hepatitis C medications may have some serious interactions with other prescription medications, over the counter medications and recreational drugs. It is important that you discuss any substances that you take with your GP/ Dr Holly to ensure there are no dangerous interactions. The University of Liverpool has developed a drug interaction checker to aid doctors.