Transgender & Gender Diverse Resources

Dr Holly provides gender affirming care and prescribes gender affirming hormones under the informed consent model. She also able to do oestrogen implants. Dr Holly is a private billing GP which means there are out of pocket fees for appointments. This allows Dr Holly to spend time with you to fully assess your needs and develop a comprehensive and individualised management plan for your care. Dr Holly is able to provide full service GP care but is also happy to refer to public clinics to take over care if cost is an issue or collaborate with your regular GP if you only need gender affirming care from Dr Holly. Please inform Dr Holly at your first appointment if you have a regular GP you will continue to see for your other health care needs. 

A full assessment for the initiation of gender affirming hormonal care typically takes 3 appointments. Please note this is just a guide and Dr Holly may require more appointments with you or refer you to non-GP specialists for advice in a minority of cases. If you are already on gender-affirming hormonal treatment Dr Holly will still need to undertake a full assessment but it may not require the full 3 appointments. 

Appointment #1:

During the first appointment Dr Holly will collect details about your medical, mental health, surgical, sexual and social history. She will also discuss your desires, expectations and any apprehensions about gender affirming care. At this appointment you will be given a form to have a blood test and a consent form about hormonal care to read and complete. Please make sure you have the blood test and complete the informed consent paper work before your next appointment. If you have any further questions, make sure you write them down to discuss with Dr Holly at your next appointment. 

Appointment #2:

The purpose of the second consultation with Dr Holly is to review your blood test results and to perform a comprehensive mental health assessment. The informed consent model of care does not require psychological or psychiatric input before providing gender affirming care. However, there are high rates of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety in the transgender and gender diverse community and observed high rates of neurodiversity in the non-binary community. For these reasons, Dr Holly will assess your mental health and ensure your mental health care needs are being appropriately met. For some individuals psychotherapy will be recommended either for their mental health or to aid in establishing goals for their gender affirming care. 

Appointment #3:

The third appointment with Dr Holly is to finalise your management plan for gender affirming care, including the type of medications, the formulation of medication and the schedule for increasing your dose. The management plan will also include measures to manage your general health and your mental health. If you choose to see Dr Holly as your regular GP, this appointment may be bulk-billed if you are eligible for a GP management plan. For those who have a regular GP elsewhere or who have already had a GP management plan in the last 12 months, normal appointment fees apply. 

Ongoing care:

Ongoing gender affirming-hormonal care with Dr Holly requires a commitment to regular GP review. Regular appointments while commencing treatment are usually every 3 months and can be reduced to less frequently but at least annually once treatment has stabilised.