Dr Holly Inglis
DipDermos DipSkinCancerSurgery



Bachelor of Science (Advanced)

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences

Masters of Medicine (Ophthalmic Sciences)

Diploma of Child Health

Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Professional & Advenced Certificates of Medical Nutrition Management

Professional Diploma of Dermoscopy

Professional Diploma of Skin Cancer Surgery

Other Interests

I have in the past been a mad keen endurance obstacle course athlete, competing in 24 hour Tough Mudders at the elite level (just scraped in). A combination of injury and pandemic event cancellations lead me to slack off, so no endurance legs anymore. Now I am here in Hobart, I am working at least getting some hill legs (man, it is STEEP around here). After volunteering at the kMR, I am keen for next year and am casting some side eyes at the Go Nuts 101 and The Rat Race in 2023. I am absolutely in love with my new state which awes me every day and just want to get out and see every inch.

In more sedate interests, I like a good orchid but not adventurous enough yet to dabble beyond the Phalaneopsis and hoping to get a veggie patch going.  I like reading trashy urban fantasy fiction (Illona Andrews, Faith Hunter or Sarah J Maas, anyone?) and am a Boss tragic.

I was born in Melbourne, grew-up & trained in Sydney, & now call Hobart home.


I completed my medical education, including my Advanced Science degree, medical degree and Masters in Medicine at the University of Sydney. I was admitted as a Fellow to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) in 2017. In 2022, I moved to Hobart for the lifestyle and am focusing on my two professional special interests -  skin cancer and gender affirming care.

Skin and Surgical Experience

I cut out my first skin cancer in first year uni while on a Scholarship placement on Kangaroo Island and I have been drawn to skin cancer surgery ever skin. During medical school I took every surgical opportunity presented to me and as a junior doctor I completed terms in general surgery, urology, vascular surgery and orthopaedics. I also spent a year as junior orthopaedic surgeon where I never liked the carpentry side of the surgery but always loved suturing up the skin at the end. I continue to develop my skin cancer and skin surgery skills as a GP and I have competed a Diploma in Dermatoscopy, the microscope used in skin checks, and a Diploma in Skin Cancer Surgery, gaining skills to do advanced skin surgeries like grafts and flaps. I have done skin cancer surgery through out my GP career, working at times in dedicated skin clinics and doing outreach clinics in regional NSW. I am continuing my professional development in the field through attending conferences, participating in masterclasses and engaging in regular educational meeting. I am really excited to be part of the team at Bathurst Street Skin Cancer Clinic.